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What is a better word for illuminative? What's another word for illuminative? What are 5 "illuminative synonyms"? How can I replace the word illuminative? What is the meaning of illuminative in English?

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    Example Sentences for illuminative

    In the nature of things no educational material can be richer; none so fundamentally expansive and illuminative.

    An illuminative essay, with selections and portrait of Carpenter.

    An illuminative fact in the history of the madrigal drama is the growth of the comic element.

    Silence is so truth-telling, so illuminative, that few have the courage to face it.

    He realises very clearly how illuminative the theory of evolution is when applied to the puzzling facts of embryonic development.

    Some experiments conducted by Frer are illuminative as to this.

    This Government handbook is not only exhaustive but illuminative.

    It is the life of love, as the illuminative life is that of wisdom.

    She dashed into the crude and sketchy character bold strokes of Nature and illuminative gleams of genius, all her own.

    The illuminative force of his similes is quite extraordinary.

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