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What is a better word for illustrated? What's another word for illustrated? What are 5 "illustrated synonyms"? How can I replace the word illustrated? What is the meaning of illustrated in English?

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    He once told of a dream he had which illustrated the endurance of his wife.

    Fully illustrated with 97 plates reproduced from Whistler's works.

    They are abundant in southern Texas, and in Mexico (not illustrated).

    This peculiarity has been illustrated with great skill by M. Renan.

    Mark found on examples of the Bornholm clay period, see Apothecary Jar (illustrated, p. 161).

    The story which Hédouville will tell at home must be met and illustrated by our statement.

    Another design for the dining-room of the same house and much easier to construct is also illustrated.

    This was illustrated by diagrams on the wall at the delivery of the lecture.

    And the speed of the translation was illustrated by a smart snapping of the fingers.

    This truth is illustrated vividly by the miracles of modern invention.

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