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Word Example of - imbrue

    Example Sentences for imbrue

    But Edward dared not imbrue his hands in the blood of great churchmen.

    But could he imbrue his hand in the blood of his rival and then present it for acceptance?

    What malady, or what tears, or what pity on earth is greater, than to imbrue one's hand in a mother's blood?

    Men generally do not specially desire to imbrue their hands in the blood of other men.

    Margharittei answered, that he was a Christian himself, and nothing would induce him to imbrue his hands in innocent blood.

    Why imbrue himself straightway with the blood of Violante and Pietro, who were not accomplices in the pretended dishonour?

    But our young men are resolved to imbrue their hands in the blood of the white people.

    I will not imbrue my hands in his blood, but shall place him where he will never cross me more.

    He told Burke that he wondered above all things how he could imbrue his hands in the blood of Daft Jamie.

    Thou wilt not be able, when thy children fall suppliant at thy feet, to imbrue thy savage hand in their wretched life-blood.

Word Origin & History of - imbrue

    Word Origin & History of imbrue

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