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The Synonym of - imitating (adjective)

Word Example of - imitating

    Example Sentences for imitating

    No lure has yet been discovered that can have any reasonable hope of imitating them.

    They increase it, without, however, imitating its artistic elegance.

    "Cock-a-doodle-doo," he shouted, imitating the crow of a rooster.

    Sometimes they did it by imitating the cries the animals made.

    Raimundo had the gift of observing the most trifling peculiarities of the persons he met, and imitating them to perfection.

    The Crows, by imitating the flapping of the bird's wings with the palms of the hands.

    Now we are imitating the motions of carding wool, Helen whispered softly to Nathalie.

    He set her to imitating them; and she is an apt mimic, you will find.

    In this futile enterprise they are imitating the attitude of the philosophic Materialists, on the other side of the controversy.

    I replied in Spanish, imitating as well as I could the Indian voice and accent.

Word Origin & History of - imitating

    Word Origin & History of imitating

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