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Word Example of - imitation

    Example Sentences for imitation

    I need a blacksmith, and if I can't get a real one I'll put up with an imitation.

    "This is not so good an imitation of my handwriting as the other letter," he added.

    By this we intend a compliment rather than a charge of imitation.

    The tiles were of blue porcelain, in imitation of a clear sky.

    This should be placed in an iron furnace, and surrounded by the imitation snow.

    This is only an imitation of nature, in which pain is a sanction and a deterrent.

    It is to be noted, first, that this sort of imitation is by no means restricted to a few genera, still less to a few species.

    The child is to become a man, not by training and development, but by imitation.

    There was another wedding at Stormfield on the following afternoon—an imitation wedding.

    But the difference is not such as to remove them beyond our imitation.

Word Origin & History of - imitation

    Word Origin & History

    imitation c.1500, from O.Fr. imitacion, from L. imitationem (nom. imitatio) "imitation," from imitari "to copy, portray, imitate," from PIE *im-eto-, from base *aim- "copy." (Related to L. imago, see image). The verb imitate is first recorded 1530s.

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