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Word Example of - immediate

    Example Sentences for immediate

    "The fact of her being at liberty to-day is an indication that no immediate villainy is contemplated," broke in my companion.

    This material connection is the immediate cause of articulate speech.

    Yes, indeed; for if—I mean when, you find 230 the fortune for us, the gardens will have immediate attention.

    However, there was no immediate need for his cheerfulness, for Cis had quieted.

    Immediate orders were issued by the king for the arrest of the Knight of Canny.

    He made no immediate response, but at last he turned to me solemnly.

    But the immediate effect would be the triumph of the Cave, a new direction given to current politics.

    So the immediate future of the engineer is richly promising.

    Of course there was the immediate query whether they would fight to keep themselves in slavery.

    This precision in work produced an immediate effect on their characters.

Word Origin & History of - immediate

    Word Origin & History

    immediate early 15c., from O.Fr. immediat, from L.L. immediatus "without anything between," from in- "not" + mediatus, pp. of mediare "to halve," later, "be in the middle," from L. medius "middle" (see medial).

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