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Word Example of - immense

    Example Sentences for immense

    One does about to these huge expensive houses I suppose—the scale's immense.

    After this, the College is never the immense, far-away thing it has seemed.

    "It is a wonderful event, but the difficulties must be immense," observed Ferrars.

    Then an immense, intense resentment set 27 every nerve in him tingling.

    In so immense a city it must be possible to find an attractive home.

    It was made of the trunk of an immense tree, hollowed out, and carved and decorated with immense labor.

    Sex exerts as marked an influence as age, as the immense preponderance of cases occurs in females.

    These prairies are capable of sustaining an immense population.

    The sensation produced in the country has not yet been ascertained, but it is sure to be immense.

    As they approached the sandy beach, they saw an immense crocodile, apparently asleep, enjoying the blaze of a tropical sun.

Word Origin & History of - immense

    Word Origin & History

    immense late 15c., from M.Fr. immense (1360), from L. immensus "immeasurable, boundless," from in- "not" + mensus "measured," pp. of metiri (see measure).

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