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Word Example of - immerse

    Example Sentences for immerse

    Or, immerse it in cold buttermilk, and let it soak a few hours.

    Mix this solution in three gallons of cold water, immerse the wool in it for several days, and then let it be washed and dried.

    Then immerse them in hot fat, when they will puff into balls.

    At the last word he made another effort to immerse the sinner.

    Then immerse in hot fat and fry until crisp and a delicate brown.

    To immerse himself was suicidal; it was the dyer plunging into his own vat.

    Immerse in water at 15° or 16° C. Pure butter when thus treated remains clear for quite a while.

    Immerse the objects to be preserved in this solution, and keep them in it.

    Immerse in bath two strips of copper attached to the poles of a Daniells or Smees cell.

    They do not dive, as many suppose, but only immerse the head and neck.

Word Origin & History of - immerse

    Word Origin & History of immerse

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