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Word Example of - imminent

    Example Sentences for imminent

    While she was waiting, she one day received a letter from Toby, announcing his imminent arrival in London.

    The Edina was in the most imminent peril on the edge of the Brake Sand.

    Perhaps they had been kept in air-tight boxes till the Discovery was imminent and then brought out to do honour to the occasion.

    This was not a common thing, but only done by the senate in cases of imminent danger.

    I do not know whether she was conscious of her imminent danger.

    It was not thus that she would have been received had not the danger been imminent.

    She seemed about to throw back her hands as though a convulsion was imminent.

    An ominous sniff followed; an outbreak of tears was imminent.

    Now, he was again brought face to face with his past; with the imminent memory of Guida Landresse de Landresse.

    The next lesson was now imminent, and I confess that I felt a little nervous.

Word Origin & History of - imminent

    Word Origin & History

    imminent 1528, from L. imminentem (nom. imminens), prp. of imminere "to overhang, impend, be near," from in- "into" + minere "jut out," related to mons "hill" (see mount).

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