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Word Example of - immorality

    Example Sentences for immorality

    Intemperance may be approached from the standpoint of disease or immorality.

    The proofs already cited of Smith's immorality are convincing.

    His constant run of good fortune was the accomplice of his immorality.

    It led to infidelity, to immorality, and to a return to many pagan practices.

    These so-called French and Italian women are the best carriers of immorality from place to place.

    In bringing a case of immorality before this tribunal the evil is intensified.

    Bridge players appear to me to be far too engrossed in bickering and fault-finding to worry about immorality and laxity.

    And is not this an immorality of a high and aggravated description?

    The existence of mysteries in a revelation is reasonable: the existence of immorality in it would be fatal to its claims.

    Is it any longer concealed from us wherein the "immorality" of this lies?

Word Origin & History of - immorality

    Word Origin & History of - immorality

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