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What is a better word for immortal? What's another word for immortal? What are 5 "immortal synonyms"? How can I replace the word immortal? What is the meaning of immortal in English?

Word Example of - immortal

    Example Sentences for immortal

    Immortal he was, as to his soul, immortal he is, and immortal he must be.

    The soul is immortal, and God is just; therefore let wrong-doers beware.

    It possesses the attributes of Infinity, is indestructible, immortal, undying.

    Even Skoropikin, you know, our immortal Aristarchus, rings his praises.

    If human speech is "immortal law," much more is the speech of God.

    Would you ask me to perjure my immortal soul to the world and to my God?

    This Supreme Deity and all the gods resemble men and differ only in the fact that they are immortal.

    Never having been born, he can never die, and never to die is to be immortal.

    If the soul is immortal, if there are rewards and punishments in another life, it is necessary for men to be informed of it.

    They were endowed with life and were immortal, the work and gift of the divine Hephæstus.

Word Origin & History of - immortal

    Word Origin & History

    immortal "deathless," late 14c., from L. immortalis, from in- "not" + mortalis "mortal" (see mortal (adj.)). In ref. to fame, literature, etc., attested from 1514.