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Word Example of - immunity

    Example Sentences for immunity

    In a few other cases the immunity mentions penal causes, witerden, and no express exception is made of the ngild.

    Nor am I sure that I ought to be thankful for my immunity from the fever of patriotism.

    In experiments carried out on animals this immunity to bee poison has been also induced by repeated application of the irritant.

    And unhappily there was no absolute security of immunity from bad consequences.

    I accept the evidence as to the practice and as to the immunity from casualties which is said to have accompanied it.

    We now know that both these explanations of "immunity" are incorrect.

    They promised indeed freedom from English taxation, but this immunity was already enjoyed.

    What immunity does His Majesty's Government guarantee to us after the war?

    God knows, if it purchase an immunity from these visits, we may well be overjoyed.

    Beyond the garden walls there was, she knew, immunity from human pain.

Word Origin & History of - immunity

    Word Origin & History

    immunity 1382, "exempt from service or obligation," from L. immunitatem (nom. immunitas) "exemption from performing public service or charge," from immunis "exempt, free," from in- "not" + munis "performing services" (cf. municipal), from PIE *moi-n-es-, suffixed form of base *mei- "to change" (see mutable). Medical sense "protection from disease" is 1879 from Fr. or Ger.

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