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Word Example of - impairment

    Example Sentences for impairment

    Physical examina tion on this admission was negative, except for some impairment of vision, for which he was given eye-glasses.

    By nature, women should be more subject to impairment of voice than men.

    It never occurred to anybody that the malady could have anything to do with impairment of the sight.

    This impairment of movement has its origin generally in a want of use.

    Impairment of hearing may be due to causes existing in one or other or both of these subdivisions.

    Then again, the production of undesirable flavors or impairment in texture may arise from imperfect curing conditions.

    In uncomplicated cases there is no loss of appetite or impairment of digestion.

    She was a short, stoutly built figure, somewhat past the middle of life, but without any impairment of activity in her movements.

    The impairment of function and consequent symptoms are much less marked here than in sidebones.

    No less important, however, is the impairment of the muscular power of the stomach in chronic gastritis.

Word Origin & History of - impairment

    Word Origin & History of impairment

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