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Word Example of - impartially

    Example Sentences for impartially

    He was as gay as the youngest, danced splendidly, went everywhere, and took all the Glenboro girls about impartially.

    Impartially holding up first one, then the other, for punishment!

    Just so must you hate and love another; love them and hate them impartially as you must do yourselves.

    Thereafter, I may say, that he called me impartially either "Colonel" or "Bill."

    Obedience, ever of vital importance in the training of the forest folk, was impartially exacted by the mother from her offspring.

    The girl, who was unknown to them both, addressed them impartially.

    They want a man of energy and determination who will cause the law to be respected and impartially administered.

    Only establish a right standard, and then apply it impartially.

    There were other moments of supreme joy when they were blown to their feet and backs were impartially pounded.

    Yet, to consider the case fairly and impartially, how could I have acted otherwise?

Word Origin & History of - impartially

    Word Origin & History

    impartial formed in Eng. 1593 from in- "not" + partial (q.v.). First recorded in "Richard II."

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