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Word Example of - impediment

    Example Sentences for impediment

    Let him die, and be no longer an impediment to their vengeance!

    The fences and ditches that lay in his way were no impediment.

    At Troyes he tried to create a like impediment; but here he was foiled, for Troyes capitulated.

    Not that he purposed putting any hitch or impediment in the way.

    For by these the mind doth turn and convert any impediment whatsoever, to be her aim and purpose.

    This may so far be compared to the impediment of speech described in Sect.

    The impediment bears relation to the extent of the mutilation.

    They were very soon in their seats, the crowd offering them no impediment.

    No impediment was visible, but the animal obstinately refused to go on, though urged both by word and spur.

    A child born to an unmarried woman is no impediment to her marriage.

Word Origin & History of - impediment

    Word Origin & History

    impediment late 14c., from L. impedimentem "hindrance," from impedire "impede," lit. "to shackle the feet," from in- "in" + pes (gen. pedis) "foot."

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