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Word Example of - impending

    Example Sentences for impending

    On his death-bed he deplored the impending fate of his country, which he alone could see.

    This one week in May, 1856, was dark with omens of impending catastrophe.

    "I feel as if some misfortune were impending over us," said his mother, and she shivered apprehensively.

    But this impending calamity did not frighten him as in the old days.

    I hate the cant of the doctrine of Providence ‘your brother may be snatched by a merciful power from impending evil.’

    Such corruption of morals is a certain sign of impending evil.

    Warning of the impending danger was thus given to the camp, enabling a line of battle to be formed.

    There was a single danger-point in the impending negotiations.

    Returning to the zariba, I now made all preparations for the impending struggle.

    But, if I could escape from these impending disasters, I should wish to do so.

Word Origin & History of - impending

    Word Origin & History

    impending 1717, from impend.

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