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Word Example of - imperative

    Example Sentences for imperative

    Man's nature makes it imperative for him to be interested in something.

    The authority of fashion is imperative as to everything which it touches.

    This silken sheet with gold fringe is imperative for all communications to the queen.

    A choice, and sometimes a quick one, was an imperative necessity.

    Now she had some one to talk to, to release the gentlemen from the imperative claims of politeness.

    It therefore was imperative, before the attack was made, to get Rojas out of prison.

    Four years later circumstances rendered an embassy to the Sultan of Egypt imperative.

    His imperative need for a sight of her face conquered him at last.

    Place a period after a complete declarative or imperative sentence.

    This time an answer was imperative; but it stuck in Desmond's throat.

Word Origin & History of - imperative

    Word Origin & History

    imperative 1530, from L.L. imperativus "pertaining to a command," from imperatus "commanded," pp. of imperare "to command, to requisition," from in- "in" + parare "beget, bear" (see pare).

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