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Word Example of - imperfection

    Example Sentences for imperfection

    Each man and each woman of these times is singly but half a creature, and is naturally sensible of its imperfection.

    We understand its perfection when we are able to explain it as a development from imperfection.

    On every side he could see his pale, bloated face, here and there distorted and lengthened by some imperfection in the mirror.

    To be an orphan was considered, it seems, in some sense an imperfection.

    In this series the tendency for imperfection is always confined to the lower flowers, the terminal flower alone being perfect.

    This is no defect in God's nature, for to know a thing as it is is no imperfection.

    But forasmuch as some imperfection is, and may easily be in this Gathering; I commend it to thy goodness, gentle Reader!

    The chapter on the imperfection of the geological record is another.

    Both sides of his being are equally touched with imperfection—his love, no less than his reason.

    It was this fact that seemed to show a failure or imperfection in the enemy's plan.

Word Origin & History of - imperfection

    Word Origin & History of - imperfection

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