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The Synonym of - implant (verb)

Word Example of - implant

    Example Sentences for implant

    But there was one thing neither parents nor professors were able to implant in the young man—a conscience.

    You will also begin to implant in the boy's mind a desire for travel.

    An alternative method is to implant a plate of celluloid, silver or other metal, or a portion of the fascia lata, in the gap.

    And as with the idea of property, so is it with all the other ideas which we have sought to implant in them.

    She had made an effort to keep her children from harmful influences and to implant in them a hate for these things.

    That is not to be wondered at, either, for we have done all we can to implant it there.

    Valdivia's reply was to embrace the queen's beautiful form, and to implant a kiss upon her cheek, burning with fury.

    Environment will cultivate tendencies but can not implant them.

    "Wherever you are, Jinny, I hope that you will never forget the ideas your father and I have tried to implant in you," she said.

    If he have sense and abilities, they ought rather to guard his bosom from so contemptible an inmate, than implant it there.

Word Origin & History of - implant

    Word Origin & History

    implant 1545, from Fr. implanter "to insert, engraft," from in- "in" + planter "to plant" (see plant (n.)). The noun meaning "anything implanted within the body" is from 1890.

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