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Word Example of - implication

    Example Sentences for implication

    Subacute exacerbations occur from time to time, with fever and aggravation of the local symptoms and implication of other joints.

    The implication in Kresney's laugh was lost upon Evelyn Desmond.

    Very often when we say I could (or might) do this, we leave to be added by implication—but I do not exert my power.

    All her dealings with me and all her husband's were an implication that this was lucky for ME.

    The implication was obvious, and I asked Mr. Tener for the facts.

    I'd be flattered to death at the implication that I had any money.

    Both of them ignore the projective force of habit and the implication of habits in one another.

    "Of course, you needn't worry," he grinned, with implication.

    What in other women is refinement exists in her as by implication, and, fortiori, in a native fineness of character.

    Now there was no begging here, certainly, except by implication.

Word Origin & History of - implication

    Word Origin & History

    implication "involvement, interweaving," early 15c., from L. implicationem (nom. implicatio) "interweaving, entanglement," from implicatus, pp. of implicare "involve, entangle, connect closely," from in- "in" + plicare "to fold" (see ply).

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