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Word Example of - import

    Example Sentences for import

    It was evident, however, she was addressing him upon some subject of import.

    He spoke sadly; though his words were half gay in their import.

    Henry could understand only a word or two of what they said, but he guessed its import.

    Occasionally he had endeavoured to import the materials for them from the Continent, from London.

    The Bokharians also import large quantities of cotton, partly raw and partly spun.

    Now, looking back, I can recall events which then passed by me as of no import.

    That the import duties on necessaries of life were too high, and that the cost of living in Johannesburg for workmen was too high.

    Thus, for instance, we do not import the small farm but only the big shop.

    General Grey expressed his satisfaction with what I said, and, no doubt, lost no time in informing the Queen of its import.

    I heard the words you used to Pharaoh, and even understood their import.

Word Origin & History of - import

    Word Origin & History

    import early 15c., "convey information, express, make known," from L. importare "bring in, convey," from in- "into" + portare "to carry" (see port (1)). Sense of "bring in goods from abroad" first recorded c.1500. The noun meaning "consequence, importance" is from 1580s; sense of "that which is imported" is from 1680s.

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