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Word Example of - importance

    Example Sentences for importance

    But what secrets of importance could they have, dwelling as they did on the Last Chance?

    It is evident that his own importance swells often in his mind.

    His importance to the world lies in the new twist he gave to science.

    Still they continued descending the river four days longer, without meeting any incident of importance.

    The last kind of importance is the Arrhindy silk worm, from India.

    Could any one's pleasure be of importance weighed against hers?

    The importance of the principle of standardization in wage settlement.

    "I fear you do not realize my importance," urged the Frogman.

    Neither he nor his friends were aware at the time of their importance.

    But it is an immense place, second in importance in the colony only to Melbourne.

Word Origin & History of - importance

    Word Origin & History of importance

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