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Word Example of - important

    Example Sentences for important

    Between righteousness and morals the difference is important.

    Tutors' Lane is not particularly wide for such an important thoroughfare.

    It is a grave demand, made as the price of an important concession.

    The exchange, the banking-house, were important factors then as now.

    It contains nothing frivolous, but only the most important lessons.

    Grunty Pig felt that he was the most important member of the family.

    It has plenty of merits and no important faults, but it is not my favourite.

    It is looked upon as an important and somewhat mysterious operation.

    If he made an important discovery, he did not communicate it to Crown.

    My interview with Bivens led to a most important and embarrassing discovery.

Word Origin & History of - important

    Word Origin & History

    important 1444, from M.Fr. important, from M.L. importantem (nom. importans), prp. of importare "be significant in," from L. importare "bring in" (see import).

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