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Word Example of - impose

    Example Sentences for impose

    The king is to impose no tax, beside the three stated feudal aids, except by the consent of the great council of the nation.

    Every one, however, knows who she is, so she cannot impose on any one in this town.

    Why, then, is man thus imposed upon, or why does he impose upon himself?

    But there are three conditions which I must impose upon thee.

    It is the greatest mistake to impose them upon children as authoritative and divine all at once.

    In his literary preoccupations he allowed people to impose on him.

    Lessons God sets us, He helps us to learn, but there are no promises for those who impose penance upon themselves.

    If we might impose,' I says, 'upon your good nature to the extent of—'

    And on these two unfortunates you impose the responsibility and the lie.

    How could he impose conditions on the whole school district?

Word Origin & History of - impose

    Word Origin & History

    impose late 15c., "to lay (a crime, etc.) to the account of," from M.Fr. imposer, from in- "into" + poser "put, place" (see pose). Sense of "to lay on as a burden" first recorded 1580s.

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