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Word Example of - impressive

    Example Sentences for impressive

    Haeckel's attempt was the most impressive, and swept all before it, for a year or two.

    It was an impressive object-lesson on the evils of Freshman victories.

    But others were to be met with of a more elaborate and impressive character.

    The Army of Zion, as it called itself, was not an impressive one in appearance.

    But niad is, after all, the most impressive of all the Acarnanian ruins.

    "About things I've seen and things I know," said Bones, in his most impressive manner.

    Eustacie thought the Louvre had never been half so formidable or impressive.

    There was an intellectual grandeur in her look and mien that was impressive.

    They were wonderfully beautiful and impressive, and the idea they represented seemed to Evelyn extraordinary, simple and true.

    "I cannot be too grateful for your impressive speech," wrote a lady from Balham.

Word Origin & History of - impressive

    Word Origin & History

    impressive 1590s, "capable of being easily impressed;" sense of "making an impression on the mind or senses" is from 1775. From impress + -ive.

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