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Word Example of - improper

    Example Sentences for improper

    For my own part, I thought pride in his case an improper subject for raillery.

    Hawise leaped the chasm deftly by declaring it an improper question.

    To define equality that which is contrary to inequality, is improper.

    I began to think the ogre had forbidden so improper a proceeding.

    Complex and improper fractions and recurring decimals are not allowed.

    "I told you that to ask me such things is improper," said the girl, coloring.

    But Vatsyayana is of opinion that congress in water is improper, because it is prohibited by the religious law.

    And how difficult it is to tell the truth about war, and even how improper, some of us know.

    The bank having been formed, it may not be improper for me to take some view of its beginning and its operation.

    Unfortunately they were all of them far too improper for general use.

Word Origin & History of - improper

    Word Origin & History

    improper 1531 (implied in improperly) "not true," from Fr. impropre (14c.), from L. improprius, from in "not" + proprius (see proper). Meaning "not suited, unfit" is from 1570; that of "not in accordance with good manners, modesty, decency" is from 1739.