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Word Example of - improvement

    Example Sentences for improvement

    Recent reports of grand juries note some improvement in their conduct.

    It is not a matter of decency, of alteration or improvement in manners.

    Can you imagine that I have any other end in view than the improvement of your health?

    Really, he needn't have explained what the improvement was for.

    Fear of her fathers threat to send her away to a convent school if she did not show rapid signs of improvement made her pause.

    I am about making representations at Washington to see if I can't get some improvement.

    What would monarchical institutions do—what would tyrants do—in this age of improvement—this age of steam and lightning?

    From that moment the physician announced an improvement in her symptoms.

    We engage a fiacre, drive around the town, whose growth and improvement in the interval of sixteen years do not fail to strike us.

    And who will say that such a people are incapable of improvement?

Word Origin & History of - improvement

    Word Origin & History of - improvement

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