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Word Example of - improvise

    Example Sentences for improvise

    Am I to improvise a wife, in my own house, because a stray girl may object to visiting a bachelor?

    He could improvise elsewhere a home that would suffice for him.

    But best of all were the evenings when the Marquis chose to improvise.

    This will not do,” said he; “we must improvise a better torch than this.

    How beautifully would she improvise at times—for improvisations in truth were they, while she was quite unconscious of her gift.

    We found out about your invention only at the last moment and therefore had to improvise.

    Consequently it was just as well that we should improvise some kind of shelter over our heads.

    The easiest stretcher for a scout to improvise is the coat stretcher.

    Just as we cannot improvise a genius, we cannot improvise a saint.

    And you shall see, too, what a lawyer-like defence I am able to improvise.

Word Origin & History of - improvise

    Word Origin & History

    improvise 1826, from Fr. improviser (17c.), from It. improvisare "to sing or speak extempore," from improviso, from L. improvisus "unforeseen, unexpected" (see improvisation).