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Word Example of - impunity

    Example Sentences for impunity

    But such large masses are not unsettled with impunity; a tumult like this is, in itself, a lively source of alarm.

    I could not help thinking that if I chose to keep the money, I might do so with impunity.

    Perfect irresponsibility and impunity for every thing that will be spoken during this interview.

    This I was most anxious to do, as in my party you could talk almost with impunity.

    The birds might have lit upon his head and the squirrels might have run in and out of his pockets with impunity.

    Why should it be always open to the old to annoy the young with impunity?

    She had made a very graceful courtesy, and it was not to be overlooked in that way with impunity.

    Boys soon know when they can disobey a teacher with impunity.

    He is a seasoned vessel, but no man can drink our village nectar with impunity.

    Had the British been in authority here we should have been privileged to do so with impunity.

Word Origin & History of - impunity

    Word Origin & History

    impunity 1532, from L. impunitatem (nom. impunitas) "freedom from punishment, omission of punishment," from impunis "unpunished, without punishment," from in- "not" + poena "punishment" (see penal).

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