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Word Example of - inadequacy

    Example Sentences for inadequacy

    Prominent in her manner was a helpless little confession of inadequacy to her ambitions that made her personality engaging.

    The 'felicific calculus' is enough to show the inadequacy of his method.

    The most elementary books of science betrayed the inadequacy of old implements of thought.

    Alderling repeated in a tone of amaze at the inadequacy of my epithet.

    He recognised and pointed out with great force the inadequacy of such palliatives as emigration, home-colonisation, and so forth.

    Again in 1913 he dwelt upon the inadequacy of our aerial defences.

    He had not deceived himself in regard to the inadequacy of his supplies.

    Yet many admirers have been left with a sense of inadequacy.

    Now if we scan these two statements carefully, I believe that we shall be persuaded of their inadequacy.

    Fancy the inadequacy of the expression when my whole sense is absorbed by you.'

Word Origin & History of - inadequacy

    Word Origin & History of - inadequacy

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