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Word Example of - inadequate

    Example Sentences for inadequate

    From the following facts this would seem an inadequate amount.

    A man, when he is a father, wears a cape of goatskin "inadequate for decency."

    But private societies are inadequate to the duties required.

    This is, perhaps, an unnecessary, as well as inadequate fiction.

    This struck Prothero as an inadequate statement of the Socialist project and he made an unsuccessful attempt to get it amended.

    If an Upper is inadequate, he nevertheless remains an Upper.

    The salaries of the judges of the district courts in many of the districts are, in my judgment, inadequate.

    At present there is little trade due to inadequate shipping.

    The tail of the g is inadequate, and the lines of writing are too near together.

    Owing to a variety of causes, the preparations for the trip had been inadequate.

Word Origin & History of - inadequate

    Word Origin & History

    inadequate 1670s, from in- (1) + adequate.

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