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Word Example of - inadvisable

    Example Sentences for inadvisable

    It was inadvisable to go outside the inner circle where there was no material necessity for so doing.

    He wanted to suggest to Manager Fogg that making the change just then would be inadvisable.

    It is inadvisable to rock a child to sleep, it will go to sleep if comfortable.

    Swift as were his mental processes, he felt that a longer silence was inadvisable.

    Should this occur, it is inadvisable to employ oil, because it would immediately burn up and would only aggravate the conditions.

    Of course, if you think them inadvisable, I can take them down again.

    Let me see, yes, in the circumstances I agree with you that it would be inadvisable to postpone the opening.

    Then you think it would be inadvisable to propose to Miss Virginia immediately, do you?

    This ferocious threat was interlarded with and followed by a series of terrible oaths which we think it inadvisable to repeat.

    I hadn't the money on hand, and it was inadvisable to approach the usual sources.

Word Origin & History of - inadvisable

    Word Origin & History of inadvisable

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