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Word Example of - inaugural

    Example Sentences for inaugural

    The Governor-General's inaugural speech dealt with the strike in cautious but yet definite language.

    In his inaugural address he declared that nothing but the will of the people governed him.

    An inaugural ceremony was performed upon the making of a member, which terminated with a jubilation from the President.

    This choice was made and was declared in the inaugural address.

    That this inaugural scene gives this stupendous truth an indeniable vindication, no man may lightly undertake to disapprove.

    Mr. Bancroft, the historian, delivered the Inaugural Address.

    An odd bit of incongruity was the inclusion of his name in the list of managers of the Inaugural Ball of 1849.

    Marthy and Will sat with Eric in the carriage at the second inaugural, too.

    The sermon on this inaugural occasion may justly be termed a work of art.

    At an early hour he gave his inaugural address its final revision.

Word Origin & History of - inaugural

    Word Origin & History of inaugural

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