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Word Example of - inaugurate

    Example Sentences for inaugurate

    On the day after to-morrow she will inaugurate a new style of hair-dressing, and take part in a comedy.

    If it did not inaugurate, it at least prepared the way for the decline.

    The day of festival which should inaugurate his great venture arrived; but the venture was not to be his.

    As early as 1834 he encouraged them to erect their home and inaugurate their work in his village.

    Having a natural talent for mechanics, he has done much to inaugurate and encourage the manufactures of our city.

    I think I can't do better than inaugurate my new 'ism' by lunching there to-day.

    They went off with Jim, to raise the other plantation hands, and inaugurate the hunt.

    It was not yet intended, as may well be supposed, to inaugurate the new illumination.

    A Princess of India might inaugurate it, but others as fair and highborn were to come after her, recipients of the same worship.

    Who come to inaugurate a reign of peace and plenty and delight!

Word Origin & History of - inaugurate

    Word Origin & History of inaugurate

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