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Word Example of - inborn

    Example Sentences for inborn

    The gifts of the youth were brighter and higher; he showed an inborn fitness for the lofty development of free trade.

    It was an inborn gift and would have characterized him in any condition in life.

    This religious conscience has its artistic side; it can clothe its inborn religious instincts in exquisite imaginative vision.

    The sight sets him thinking of the inborn sense of the bird.

    The plasticity of the inborn organs of speech is thus in the earliest childhood very great.

    But Everard's training of him had suppressed all inborn vivacity.

    It is something which could not pass to them from another race, like an industrial invention, but was inborn and creative.

    Familiarity may temper, but inborn human superstition is indestructible.

    Where she failed, it was principally from an inborn lack of charm, not from anything ignoble or impure in her mental disposition.

    It takes a man all his inborn strength to fight hunger properly.

Word Origin & History of - inborn

    Word Origin & History

    inborn O.E. inboren "native to a place," from in- "within" + boren "brought forth" (see born). Of qualities in a person, 1513.