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Word Example of - inbred

    Example Sentences for inbred

    When these two F1 flies are inbred (middle row) the following combinations are expected.

    They were an inbred group, a static, balanced society in harmony with their environment.

    He, with the inbred delicacy and reticence of a gentleman, had taken all the blame on himself.

    Her voice was under control; her inbred capacity for deceit was ready for action.

    Strongly as she felt this, Anne's inbred loyalty to Blanche still shrank from deceiving her to her face.

    Inbred sin goes back to the fall of man in the garden of Eden.

    She was proud, with the inbred arrogance of the Junker class from which she sprang.

    The former is the experience of those, and those only, from whom inbred sin has been removed.

    In spite of his natural cheerfulness, in spite of his inbred courage, his heart failed him, when he thought of the time to come.

    With him it was deliverance from inbred, as well as actual, sin.

Word Origin & History of - inbred

    Word Origin & History of inbred

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