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Word Example of - incense

    Example Sentences for incense

    That solitary human voice was the complement of a theme whereof the incense and the monotonous music made up the other parts.

    And James departed to incense the cook with the unsoftened message.

    The cause was remembered by those who offered the incense of prayer morning and evening on the family altar.

    The gods must have their incense from the right kind of censer.

    The odor of incense and of roses wafted through the air; dim lamps shed a multicolored glow.

    The air of the church was warm, and had a faint odour of incense in it.

    "You really needn't bother about the incense and the vestments," Mark assured him.

    She poured a little of the incense on an ash tray and touched a match to it.

    She referred to him as His Majesty, brought him gifts, surrounded him with adoration and incense.

    Then, mingled with the incense of the night, she caught the savor of woodsmoke.

Word Origin & History of - incense

    Word Origin & History

    incense late 13c., from O.Fr. encens "sweet-smelling substance," from L.L. incensum (nom. incensus) "burnt incense," lit. "something burnt," neut. pp. of L. incendere "set on fire," from in- "in" + *candere "to set alight" (see incendiary).

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