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Word Example of - inception

    Example Sentences for inception

    The story of an invention or a discovery may be told from the inception of the idea to its realization.

    And in what a strange setting was the inception first displayed.

    The strife was thus in its inception political; but it soon became religious as well.

    The realization of the fact was the inception of a fascinating idea.

    But it really had its inception in a bird's nest John Flint had discovered and watched with great interest and pleasure.

    Certainly he was, almost from its inception, its leader and deliverer.

    She had so many plans for the future, and every one in its inception had given her the greatest delight.

    It is the knowledge that aids in catching disease in its inception that counts.

    The modern nations of western Europe owe the inception of their great colonies in America to four Italians.

    The marriage, in its inception, might have been altogether Catia's doing.

Word Origin & History of - inception

    Word Origin & History

    inception late 15c., from L. inceptionem (nom. inceptio), from inceptus, pp. of incipere "begin, take in hand," from in- "in, on" + cipere comb. form of capere "take, seize" (see capable).

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