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Word Example of - incessant

    Example Sentences for incessant

    The cracking of revolvers was incessant, and a light smoke hung over the conflict.

    But day after day passed, and by dint of incessant nursing she still lived.

    We have incessant rain, which is as bad as your sciroccos; at least it damps my energies very much.

    But the cheering was incessant, the popular feeling intense.

    From this period dates the incessant activity which he has displayed in educational, and especially University reform.

    Here, in an incessant round of pleasures, she had passed her girlhood.

    As it was, the incessant chill and dampness of the weather had done his health no good.

    This refreshed, lightened, and diverted his mind from the strain of his incessant exegesis.

    And for all of that incessant trail of smoke, no fire—or practically none.

    But this was not the only reason of the incessant French wars—there was a question of policy.

Word Origin & History of - incessant

    Word Origin & History

    incessant 1461 (implied in incessantly), from O.Fr. incessant (1358), from L.L. incessantem (nom. incessans) "unceasing," from L. in- "not" + cessantem (nom. cessans), prp. of cessare "cease."