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Word Example of - incident

    Example Sentences for incident

    The night passed without any incident, and at daybreak I awoke.

    Do we not pardon a lack of incident in a novel of character?

    There was, however, a rather curious hindrance to the final settlement, an incident which I cannot leave untold.

    It is full of variety, full of incident, full of the picturesque.

    Though Ruth was very much annoyed, the incident seemingly served to accentuate Winfield's enjoyment.

    This incident gives a notion of the moral character of the people in that respect.

    The incident had given rise to much vexation of spirit, for many felt that Harmes was more sinned against than sinning.

    Still they continued descending the river four days longer, without meeting any incident of importance.

    She imagined some great, vague gesture; not an incident, but a gesture; and it hung in the air suspended like a shadow.

    It would be wrong to mention names in an incident like this.

Word Origin & History of - incident

    Word Origin & History

    incident 1412, "something which occurs casually in connection with something else," from L. incidentem (nom. incidens), prp. of incidere "happen, befall," from in- "on" + -cidere, comb. form of cadere "to fall" (see case (1)). Sense of "an occurrence viewed as a separate circumstance" is from 1462. Meaning "event that might trigger a crisis or political unrest" first attested 1913. Incidental "casual, occasional" first recorded in Milton (1644). Conversational use of incidentally for "by the way" first attested 1925.

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