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Word Example of - incision

    Example Sentences for incision

    Make an incision through the thickest part, a little way from the smaller end.

    The incision is to stop at least half-an-inch below the internal malleolus.

    Hardy shrubs may be layered in the fall, either early or late, and if an incision is made, a callus will have formed by spring.

    Push a wire in the tail, and sew up the incision under the wing.

    But it may now be said, If this be the case, we are very much limited in the size of the incision we may make into the bladder.

    If the tumor is large, more than one incision may be necessary.

    If the pus can be localized an incision should be made and the abscess drained.

    The surgeon proceeded with the incision—as long as he was able.

    A concrete exudation from the stem of Fraxinus ornus and F. rotundifolia, obtained by incision.

    At first I made an incision into the skin, after the manner of surgeons when amputating a limb.

Word Origin & History of - incision

    Word Origin & History

    incision late 14c., from O.Fr. incision (13c.), from L. incisionem (nom. incisio) "a cutting into," noun of action from incidere "to cut in," from from in- "into" + -cidere, comb. form of caedere "to cut" (see concise).

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