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What is a better word for incisive? What's another word for incisive? What are 5 "incisive synonyms"? How can I replace the word incisive? What is the meaning of incisive in English?

Word Example of - incisive

    Example Sentences for incisive

    It was resonant, far-reaching, incisive; but it rang abruptly and without mellowness.

    Toward me their manner was incisive, and they demanded certain information.

    His method of presentation was the more attractive because he seasoned it with incisive wit.

    Each quiet, incisive word that Chet spoke was clearly heard.

    Once more his mental processes became clear and incisive, his commands direct and to the point.

    How disagreeable he must have made himself, to render her so sharp and so incisive all at once.

    Richard mentally recorded it, while he said with incisive compliment, “Major Grant has the place of honour.”

    "More hateful than I can express," said Edith, with incisive bitterness.

    Donald's directions to Miss Merriman were curt and incisive; but soon he did not limit his speech to them.

    It was he who at once, in an incisive and positive tone, opened the conversation.

Word Origin & History of - incisive

    Word Origin & History

    incisive 1590s, from M.L. incisivus, from L. incisionem (see incision). Originally literal: "cutting with a sharp edge;" figurative sense of "mentally acute" first recorded 1850 as a borrowing from French.