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The Synonym of - incitement (noun)

Word Example of - incitement

    Example Sentences for incitement

    Wealth, too, may become an incitement to self-slaughter from sheer disgust.

    It was a fiery recital of their wrongs and an incitement to forcible redress.

    The broadcast was not incitement to revolt, because Bors's ship was posing as the only survivor of a planet's fleet.

    Her Daddy went on drawing, and his hand shook with incitement.

    Desire, therefore, even when its object is some action of our own, is only an incitement to will; but it is not volition.

    But this stuff looks to me a good deal like incitement to violence.

    But, passing from that incitement, Paul rests his plea on deeper grounds.

    We may call the first incitement, and the second explanation.

    Nor had Alcala the incitement of passion to impel him onwards in his perilous career.

    Where we are in earnest about the right we need no incitement or support from above.

Word Origin & History of - incitement

    Word Origin & History of incitement

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