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Word Example of - inclination

    Example Sentences for inclination

    If, indeed, I thought myself at liberty to consult my own inclination, I should have stood aloof from the conflict.

    Instruct me how this may be done, you shall see I want no inclination.

    The elder never married, and the younger had no inclination to take that step a second time.

    Still the Arabs showed no inclination to climb the face of the hill.

    He was spoiled, and showed an inclination to rebel when William resumed the reins of government.

    The countess greeted him with an inclination of the head, but asked no questions.

    She answered by an inclination, and was about to leave the room.

    An animal follows the bent and inclination of its own nature.

    In the metropolis there is neither time nor inclination for these remote calculations.

    She had neither the curiosity nor the inclination which might have led her astray.

Word Origin & History of - inclination

    Word Origin & History

    inclination "condition of being mentally disposed" (to do something), late 14c., from Fr. inclination (14c.), from L. inclinationem, noun of action from inclinare (see incline). Meaning "action of bending toward" (something) is from late 15c. That of "amount of a slope" is from 1799.

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