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Word Example of - incline

    Example Sentences for incline

    In whichever direction the footsteps may incline, one is brought before the last mementos of the choicest dust of England.

    I incline more and more to the opinion that it is his business to provide the wedding.

    If in criminals it be a measuring cast, to incline to mercy and acquittal.

    The pan was subsiding from the incline of a sea to the level of the trough.

    Before opening God's word, pray that he would show you the truth, the rule of your duty, and incline your heart to obey it.

    You should p. 116go up a incline and down a incline at the same pace.

    There are principles innate to men, which ever have, and ever will incline them to this offence.

    I incline to this opinion, the likeliest of all in the absence of exact information.

    When the balance hangs in doubt between the adventurousness of vanity and the frigidity of fear, ever incline to the latter side.

    Palisades should be planted to incline slightly to the front.

Word Origin & History of - incline

    Word Origin & History

    incline c.1300, "to bend or bow toward," from O.Fr. encliner, from L. inclinare "to cause to lean," from in- "in" + clinare "to bend," from PIE *klei-n-, suffixed form of *klei "to lean" (see lean (v.)). Metaphoric sense of "have a mental disposition toward" is early 15c. in English (but existed in classical Latin). The noun meaning "slant, slope" is attested from 1846.

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