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Word Example of - incomparable

    Example Sentences for incomparable

    To this day the elaborately carved façades of the old houses close on the water are of incomparable richness of design.

    Besides, you do too much honour to my incomparable penetration.

    The caterpillar had cast off its chrysalis, and the incomparable butterfly appeared.

    That is the incomparable buoyancy and radiance of deepest Tuscan summer.

    "'The Golden Vanity' has sent forth two incomparable beauties," says she at the door as they stepped into the coach.

    They were each too splendid, too mighty, too incomparable to divide pre-eminence.

    Malevolence itself must yield to the magic of incomparable charms.

    "This is an incomparable plenty of plants," cried the beetle.

    His constitution was feeble, for Mr. Alsop said of him, "If this man had but a body to his soul, he would be incomparable."

    Any incomparable Indian maidens wearing nothing but ornaments of gold?

Word Origin & History of - incomparable

    Word Origin & History

    incomparable 1412, from O.Fr. incomparable (12c.), from L. incomparabilis, from in- "not" + comparabilis "comparable" (see comparison).

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