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The Synonym of - incontinence (noun)

Word Example of - incontinence

    Example Sentences for incontinence

    These are undoubtedly the most effectual remedies for incontinence in ecclesiastics and servants of God.

    Secondly they mean to charge her with incontinence with Bothwell, and others.

    Incontinence in respect of anger is not so bad as in respect of desire.

    It is a device of the unchaste—a lame excuse for their own incontinence, unfounded on any physiological law.

    It is an incontinence of brilliance, graceless and aggressive, a glaring swagger.

    In 1325 the Prioress Joan de Barton resigned, having been found guilty of incontinence with the inevitable chaplain.

    Whether any of the aforesaid or others in sacred orders are incontinent, and in what kind of incontinence.

    Serious moral faults, such as drunkenness, quarrelsomeness and incontinence.

    The punishment of a Vestal Virgin for incontinence was death.

    Far be it from us to suspect him of incontinence, especially when he had reached such an age and such sanctity of faith.

Word Origin & History of - incontinence

    Word Origin & History

    incontinent c.1380, "wanting in self restraint," from O.Fr. incontinent, from L. incontinentem, from in- "not" + continent (see continent). Originally chiefly of sexual appetites; sense of "unable to control bowels or bladder" first attested 1828.

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