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Word Example of - inconvenience

    Example Sentences for inconvenience

    Even an old house can be equipped with ceiling, wall and baseboard outlets with but little expense or inconvenience to you.

    What she could bear least was the wonder of the inconvenience she had inflicted on Godfrey.

    For the mere loss of life was the smallest part of the inconvenience.

    But junior executives could put up with a little fatigue and inconvenience.

    What we ought to decide is what will be the least inconvenience to the world at large.

    Your decision declining to accept it will inconvenience me not a little.

    He suffered no inconvenience, and when the compressor again was started he was lowered to a depth of 212 feet.

    He always apologized to me for putting me to this inconvenience.

    The lightness of the air gave some inconvenience and many surprises to new comers.

    As for me, I wouldn't go to inconvenience my old master's heir.

Word Origin & History of - inconvenience

    Word Origin & History

    inconvenience c.1400, n., "disagreement, absurdity;" from O.Fr. inconvenience (Mod.Fr. inconvenance), from L. inconvenientia, noun of quality from inconvenientem (see inconvenient). Meaning "quality of being inconvenient" is from 1650s. The verb is attested from 1650s.

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