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Word Example of - inconvenient

    Example Sentences for inconvenient

    This was inconvenient; and his mother made him draw back his stool a good way.

    In Bosnia, for some time after the Austrian collapse, it was inconvenient to travel.

    It was inconvenient in action, too; hence, Nelson at Trafalgar ordered the whole of his fleet to hoist the white ensign.

    This, though an inconvenient, seems to have been a common drinking-vessel.

    Of these the exhibition, in a work like the present, is inconvenient.

    Would it be too inconvenient for your Excellency to lend us this sum?

    I know it will be inconvenient, but you will put up with inconvenience.

    I have to make that charge as it is so inconvenient to work on them when they are still alive.

    We have also seen that direct barter could give rise only to transactions at once inconvenient and restrained.

    It was, so to speak, inconvenient for me to take the hundred pounds.

Word Origin & History of - inconvenient

    Word Origin & History

    inconvenient late 14c., "not agreeing or constant," from Fr. inconvenient (13c.), from L. inconvenientem, from in- "not" + convenientem (see convenient). Sense of "troublesome, awkward" first recorded 1650s.