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Word Example of - increasing

    Example Sentences for increasing

    These social and industrial functions have been increasing of late.

    The crowd was increasing thick, and Beecot was at a loss what to do.

    They were in debt to Mr. Cocke in a large and yearly increasing sum.

    Hour after hour it goes on during the night, increasing as the dawn approaches.

    The wind was blowing hard, increasing in time to quite a gale.

    The business of the company is increasing so rapidly our force can't handle it.

    We began to experience great difficulty from the increasing rapidity of the current, and the water becoming shoal.

    You can only increase love by increasing the faith from which it comes.

    The rain was increasing in volume every moment, and not having rubber coats with them the boys were soon soaked.

    With the increasing light the savages were revealed, as they dodged from point to point.

Word Origin & History of - increasing

    Word Origin & History

    increase early 14c., from Anglo-Fr. encress-, from O.Fr. encreiss-, prp. stem of encreistre, from L. increscere "to increase," from in- "in" + crescere "to grow" (see crescent). Latin spelling restored 15c.

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